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The Data Protection Act 1984 and 1998



















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Data Protection Act




Welcome to this lesson on the topic of protecting personal data.

Picture of a legal parchment

This e-learning facility is designed for the AQA AS Level ICT syllabus for 2004.





To focus your learning, here is what the exam board expect you to recall:


the nature, purpose and provisions of the current data protection legislation


the type of data covered and various exemptions from the legislation


the definitions of processing and consent to process


the rights of individuals under the legislation


the role of the Commissioner in encouraging good practice, acting as Ombudsman and enforcing legislation

Also you need to be able to 


explain how the requirements of the legislation impact on data collection and use


describe the obligations of data users and legal responsibilities of data controllers under the legislation

For nearer to exam time there is a revision link on the left.

Don't worry if this all seems a bit unfathomable at the moment. Now is your chance to find out all about it .

Make a start now, follow the link to the Data Protection Act itself to take a peek at how the law looks in all its glory. Don't read it all, just have a look at the style and a little of the content.



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