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Be Clear about your principles

Can you work out which Principle of the Act is most relevant in the given situation. Be careful, sometimes the situation is an example of breaking the Principle!

You have a contract with each member of the band that enables you to pay and promote them
One of your band is upset because he's had a guitar company pestering him, saying they got his details from you.
You keep a note that your bass player is diabetic and it helps you remember to take a sugary drink for him
Your band profile for the guitarist says he is 24, and single. Actually he's 32 and married
A drummer left the band 2 years ago, yet you still have his resume on your computer
The lead singer writes and requests to see the photos and that you send out to venues about him
You accidently delete your only copy of the spreadsheet with each band member's performance fees owed
Your band is playing a special charity concert in Somalia. You have been asked by the organizers to send out personal details of the band