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Be Clear about your principles

Can you work out which Principle of the Act is most relevant in the given situation. Be careful, sometimes the situation is an example of breaking the Principle!

You ensure each customer signs a contract to say they are suitably healthy to have a piercing
You have been passing on customer details to a teen magazine company and receiving commission
You use a set of questions checking the health of customers prior to piercing and that list is standard for the industry
Your spreadsheet has been tampered with by one of your children, and you no longer know which customer has had a piercing where
You have a duty to keep records of piercings for 2 years but you have all yours since you started 10 years ago
A customer has written and requested you do not send her any more leaflets
You accidently delete your only copy of the spreadsheet with each customer's details on
You've sent an example of your records to your cousin in Nepal who is opening a similar business